Athena AI is a convenient tool that simplifies routine customer interactions by providing personalized virtual assistants powered by artificial intelligence, tailored specifically for your business.

We offer centralized management of messages from all social networks in a single chat. Our 24/7 query automation improves customer support, reduces costs, boosts sales, and provides personalized experiences that enhance customer loyalty. A centralized monitoring dashboard facilitates chat management, contributing to more efficient organization and collaboration.

How it Works

Athena AI serves as an interface for interaction between the user and artificial intelligence, offering clients the ability to create, customize, and manage advanced virtual assistants. These intelligent assistants are easily integrated into existing business processes, providing more effective and seamless interactions.

About Our AI Assistants

Our virtual assistants are equipped with advanced artificial intelligence models, capable of engaging in human-level conversations and performing tasks for users.

Artificial intelligence systems possess a general understanding of the world and can discuss a wide variety of topics. To tailor AI assistants to your individual needs and achieve the best results, provide them with specific knowledge to use in their responses. Then, monitor their behavior by providing instructions.

Consider the AI Assistant as a new employee of your company, and the setup process as their adaptation period. Such an "employee" possesses the necessary set of skills, and they need to be acquainted with your company, mission, products, and so forth, then given guidelines on how to properly perform their job. Create your ideal assistant and enjoy their work.


Before we begin, let's briefly familiarize you with our features.

After registration, you will land on the main navigation panel. Here, relevant statistics of conversations and messages for each channel are displayed, allowing you to track and analyze the effectiveness of your AI Assistants.

In the "Messages" section, you can view dialogues across all channels, check if a task has been completed, enter any conversation to review the exchange, and, if necessary, pause the AI Assistant’s work and continue the conversation yourself.

"Channels" form the core of our platform. It is through these that your AI Assistant will communicate with your clients. In this section, you can create and customize a chatbot according to your needs. We will show you how to create and set up each channel.

"Knowledge Bases" is another crucial section. Here, you will upload your documents, images, files, which the AI will search through to respond to users.

In the "Broadcasts" section, you can set up activation messages for users with whom a task has not been completed. There are two options for activation messages: those automatically generated by the AI and those manually written by you. You can also select the time interval after which the AI will remind itself following the last message.

In the "Payments" section, you can track information about the status of your subscription and pay for Athena AI services.

"Team" – in this section, you can grant access to your account to a colleague and assign them a role. Currently, there are three roles available:

  • Owner - has all rights
  • Integrator - the person who sets up and tests the AI Assistant
  • Manager - has access to messages

Work Starting Guide

Set Up Your First Channel

Navigate to the "Channels" section, select and connect the channel of your interest. As of now, you can connect the following channels:

Channel Settings

After connecting the channels, we proceed to configuration. Go to the "Channels" section, select the channel you are interested in and click the "Edit" button.

Before you start configuring, answer the question: What problem do I want to solve with Athena?

To enhance the effectiveness of implementing the bot, it is crucial to clearly define the purpose of its use. It's best to start by solving one issue, and then move on to another, applying the experience gained. For example, the following types of tasks can be identified:

  • handling complaints;
  • taking orders for services;
  • lead qualification;
  • technical support;
  • complete sale of products or services;
  • warming up potential clients;
  • assistant.

Let's look at the setup of our assistant through several real-life cases. As examples, let's take a legal agency and a furniture factory.
Please note - names, addresses, prices, phone numbers, and other data may be fictitious.

Language Selection:

Choose the language in which your assistant will communicate. You can select "All languages" since your AI Assistant knows all languages, or if you need a specific language, you can choose it from the list.

Bot Role:

Remember, we are considering the AI assistant as our new employee, so we clearly define its role.

Bot Role:
You are a sales manager with extensive experience at the "Pelican" furniture factory. You sell children's chairs.
Bot Role:
Your name is Anna, and you are a legal consultant, an expert in the sale of various types of legal services with extensive experience.

Behavioral Instructions:

Here, you should provide AI with detailed instructions depending on their role. Look at examples from our clients on how to do this.

Behavioral Instructions:

Be friendly and responsive. Assist the customer with their choice. Guide the customer towards making a purchase. Always double-check calculations before presenting them to the customer. Respond to questions clearly and concisely with brief messages, without unnecessary information.

You ONLY sell one type of chair, "The Growing Chair": unpainted for 149$, colored for 249$. No other types available!

ONLY 5 colors available: white, ivory, ash, oak, walnut. No other colors!

If a customer wants another color, apologize and politely explain that we only have chairs available in white, ivory, ash, oak, walnut, and unpainted. Do not offer other options.

Also, you have a set of cushions for the seat and back made of 100% cotton, very comfortable and machine washable. The price for the set is 99$.

There is only one payment method: payment upon receipt. It can be done via card through a terminal, or in cash, but only after the order is handed over.

Sales Algorithm:

  1. Determine which type of chair the customer wants: colored or unpainted.
  2. ONLY if they want a colored chair, then ask for the color.
  3. After that, check if they need a cushion set, if yes, add the cushions to the order and indicate the total cost with the cushions. If not, no worries.
  4. Confirm the delivery city.
  5. Announce the price and delivery terms.
  6. Then ask for the customer's full name, delivery address, and phone number.
  7. Process the order and detail the price breakdown.
  8. Offer consultation on the product, answer any customer questions, and finalize the order.
Behavioral Instructions:

Identify the client’s needs using the SPIN-Selling method.

Step-by-step, in separate messages, inquire about the situation the person is facing, what they want, the results they seek, and what led to the current situation.

Obtain the contact phone number.

Depending on the context, schedule an in-person consultation at the office at 77 Smith Street, Office 7, Washington, DC, at a time convenient for the client from 10 AM to 6 PM daily, including weekends.

Ask clarifying questions that help better understand their situation and build trust in the company.

Always end the conversation with a question, as you are a sales manager. After scheduling an office meeting, do not ask any more questions.

If objections arise from the client - address them firmly.


Provide instructions on how an AI Assistant should initiate a conversation with a client.

The greeting works only in Telegram and the Athena widget. For other channels, you can include the greeting in the instructions; for example: "Always start the conversation with the phrase 'My name is Alex, I am a manager at Athena Company'."

Good afternoon! My name is Anna. "Pelican" Furniture Factory. What is your question?
Good afternoon, my name is Anna, I am a lawyer at "Law and Order". How may I assist you?

Task for the bot:

Here, you need to define the task for your AI assistant.

Task for the bot:
Gather the client's full name, city, and delivery address, and calculate the total cost of the order including delivery.
Task for the bot:
Schedule an appointment for the client at the office for a specific date and time.

Action after task is complete:

Set up the action that will occur after the bot completes its task. For example, you can choose for the bot to notify you via Telegram or email.

Notify at the start of the dialogue:

Athena can send notifications not only about a successfully completed task but also about the initiation of a new dialogue. Notifications are supported via Telegram and email.

Stop-words and triggers:

Define a list of stop-words that, when detected, will prompt the bot to perform an action you specify. For example, notify via Telegram, respond, and end the conversation.

If you encounter any problems with setting up the channel, our team will be happy to assist you.

Create your knowledge base and upload the necessary information.

A knowledge base is a key element of your AI assistant.

To create and configure a knowledge base, navigate to the appropriate section and create a new database. Then, click the "edit" button and upload your files. You can add files in formats such as CSV, XLS, XLSX, DOCX, PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, WEBP. After that, add URLs, such as your website address or Google Sheets. Note that each section of your website must be added separately.

After creating the knowledge base and filling it with information, click the "Answers" button. Here, you can edit questions and answers formulated based on your files, as well as add your own.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to us.

Test and train your AI Assistant

Once you have created your first channel and knowledge base, return to the channel settings and link it to the knowledge base. Then, you can proceed to testing.

Thorough testing of the AI Assistant is very important. In the channel settings on the right, you can see a test chat. Here you can test the instructions you have given to the AI Helper, as well as check the connection to the knowledge base. However, to test all the capabilities, it is recommended to send a message to the newly created channel (such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.) pretending to be a potential customer. Try to put yourself in your customers' shoes and test various scenarios that your AI Assistant might encounter.

The testing process sheds light on potential flaws in your settings and knowledge base, which are usually easy to fix.

Important Note!
Before starting each new dialogue scenario, delete the previous conversation in the "Messages" section. This is done to ensure the assistant does not rely on the previous context of the dialogue.

Analyze the responses of your AI Assistant, study how it performs the tasks assigned to it. If necessary, experiment with the settings and make adjustments to the knowledge base. If you are not satisfied with the response to a specific message, use the "Incorrect" button below it and provide your own response version. This version will automatically be entered into the knowledge base.

Put some effort into thoroughly testing and configuring your AI Assistant, and it will reliably serve you without any need for sleep or rest.

Pay for the subscription

You have already completed the testing and setup of your AI Assistant, now you can proceed to payment. Currently, we have two tariff plans available:

  1. Starter - the basic tariff plan, which costs 99$ per month. This plan includes 2000 messages generated by AI. The cost for each additional message is 0.05$.
  2. Enterprise - this tariff is designed for those who need a large number of responses. Contact us, and we will discuss individual terms for your company.

Thank you! Enjoy using Athena AI. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Our team will be happy to provide you with the necessary information.

Good luck using our AI Assistant!