All in one messenger app, Automated with AI Assistant

Design, tweak, and deploy your own AI Chatbot across any messenger to automate customer support, lead generation, and much more.

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What is Athena?
All in one AI Chatbot platform powered by leading LLM's
We are powered by the most most powerful and intelligent LLM's on the market including GPT-4
All channels. One dashboard
Unified inbox for all communication channels. The list is constantly being expanded
AI Assistants trained on your data
Design, tweak, and deploy your own AI Assistant to automate customer support, lead generation, and much more.
Convenient, effective, and fast
User-friendly interface for swift implementation of AI into business without programming skills
Automate your business with AI in few steps:
Create AI Assistant
Name your Assistant, choose it's AI Profession, and add Guidelines.
Adjust Conversation Style
Choose languages, tone of voice, creativity and more.
Add Knowledge Base
Add knowledge manually or import it from your files / URLs.
Deploy and Integrate
Deploy on your website or connect to any messenger. Track everything from a single dashboard.
What happens once launched?
Athena will follow your instructions to convert leads
AI Assistant will stick to the settings and script with 100% accuracy in order to convert as many leads as possible!
Find & edit all in answers in the Knowledge Base
Athena will answer the question with 100% accuracy, if the answer / question was saved in the Knowledge Base. You can edit or add to your Knowledge Base anytime.
Inbox for all channels
Track communications across all channels / messengers in one single panel. Get the customer data and import it to your CRM. Staying on top has never been easier.
Further re-train your AI Assistant
If you didn’t like the response provided by Athena - you can always further re-train the model by disliking the message
Athena will notify you, once the chat has been completed successfully
Or send you a notification based on your trigger-words, like “manager”, “human support” or any other you wish to set...
Integrate your AI Assistant into any app / messenger your business use:
If you don't use messengers - install Athena's widget to your website
Trusted by 100+ companies, of all kinds:
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Select a plan that suits you
Start with a 7-day free trial to build and customize your AI Assistant. After the trial, select the plan that best suits your needs to go live. Personalized 1:1 onboarding with an AI Expert for every client.
For small businesses with clients across multiple channels.
  • 2000 free AI messages
  • Limited Knowledge Base
  • Customizable Widget
* $0.05 for each additional AI-generated message
For larger teams requiring advanced features for comprehensive AI control.
  • Personalized onboarding
  • From 8000 messages/month
  • Unlimited Knowledge Base
  • Integrate with Hubspot, Intercom and more
Try 7 days for FREE
  • Free of charge, no credit card information required.
  • Unlimited number of files for AI training
  • Unlimited number of channels
  • 30 free AI messages
Succeed in the new world redefined by AI. Don't get left behind.