AI-based Virtual Assistants

Athena is a convenient tool that simplifies routine customer interactions by providing personalized virtual assistants utilizing Artificial Intelligence, specifically tailored for your business.

Effective Engagement with Athena
Manage virtual assistants and automated communications to increase customer satisfaction.
Athena: Your Personal Virtual Assistant

Athena acts as the interface between users and artificial intelligence, offering customers the ability to create, customize, and manage advanced virtual assistants. These intelligent assistants seamlessly integrate into current business processes, ensuring more efficient, uninterrupted interaction.

Athena's Artificial Intelligence at Your Service 24/7

Athena is capable of processing incoming messages around the clock, across various channels, automating communication and providing quick responses to customer inquiries. This helps to enhance customer satisfaction and response time.

Currently, integration is possible with the following communication channels:
If you don't use messengers - install Athena's widget to your website
Improving communication and sales with Athena
Process automation, personalized recommendations, and centralized monitoring for effective interaction and increased conversion.
Communication and support process automation
Athena reduces the need for manual intervention, leading to cost savings. It minimizes the need for additional human resources and allows for handling a larger volume of requests without increased overhead.
Help in increasing sales
Athena can assist in boosting sales by providing personalized recommendations, sharing relevant product information, and guiding customers through the purchasing process. This can help increase the sales conversion rate and revenue.
Centralized monitoring dashboard
Athena offers a centralized monitoring dashboard that allows you to manage all your conversations from different channels in one place. This simplifies communication management and can improve organization and collaboration.
Image and audio message processing
Thanks to the most advanced Artificial Intelligence tools, Athena can process images and audio messages from your chats in a matter of seconds.